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Dreaming of Scotland Clothing


A wee welcome

Hello dreamers! I'm Kay, a full-time Scottish travel blogger and Itinerary Planner. Scotland is the love of my life, and this online shop is a new way for me to share my passion with you.

The designs are all dreamt by me, then brought to life by artists, designers and creators I've come discovered on my travels or online. Everything is inspired by my adventures and designed exclusively for this shop, so you won't find them anywhere else. 

I want everyone to feel close to Scotland, wherever you are in the world. Thank you for supporting this 'chaotic lass' and Scotland's creative talent. 

The Chaotic Coo Collection

Does it get any more Scottish that a quirky, ginger hairy coo? Our new range of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and homeware is dedicated to Scotland's most iconic and beloved creature.


A4 Photo Prints


Novelty Mugs

Top Scottish banter while you drink your tea. Treat yo' self or buy a wee tongue-in-cheek gift for that pal you love to laugh with.