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Dreaming of Scotland

Scottish Desserts Candle Set - Clootie Dumpling + Cranachan

Scottish Desserts Candle Set - Clootie Dumpling + Cranachan

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Clootie dumpling is a rich, fruity Scottish dessert which is boiled in a 'cloot' (Scots for 'cloth'). This new scent is clootie dumpling in candle form; warm, comforting and perfect for cosy nights in and a lovely gift for someone who has fond memories of growing up with this family-favourite dessert. 

Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert made with oats, raspberries, cream, honey and... whisky! This new scented candle captures the sweetness of fresh raspberries with a wee dash of cream. Fill your home with this gorgeous scent and if it leaves you craving some cranachan, why not attempt to make your own? 

  • Luxury scented candles from the remote Outer Hebrides
  • Set of two candles 
  • 100% natural soy wax 
  • Dreamt by The Chaotic Scot 
  • Created by Megan at Sandwick Bay Candles 
  • Branding by Pearse at Loom Graphics
  • Hand-poured to order
  • Worldwide shipping directly from the Isle of Lewis 
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